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Wine Club Picks of the Month

Saluti !

Autre Monde's wine club is a great bargain. Our favorite is often the latest one. Like this month's 2018 Lavina, a Spanish blend of Tempranillo and Merlot. If there's any extra we would love to buy more bottles.- Deborah Donovan (wine club member)

Señor De Lesmos 'Cuarteto' Joven, Rioja Spain

Soft tannins & ripe fruit are intertwined by the vinification process in this Tempranillo expression. Carbonic Maceration means they take whole grape clusters & then let it ferment under the weight of the fruit w/out any pressing. 


The result is a young, (joven) expression from a rather dominant area for winemaking.

A very complementary pairing to roasted veg w/Moroccan spices or your best grilled burgers. 

Perle Bleue, Chateau la Jousseliniere 2019

(Loire Valley, France)


This beautifully crisp expression of Folle Blanche (commonly known as Picpoule) is a perfect summertime friend & left on its lees to pull even more character. Crisp acidity & citrus tones will complement the perfect patio conversation or seafood entree.

Oysters, sushi & bright dishes with a dash of sea-influence will compliment this incredibly understated white.

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Welcome to our exclusive wine club program at Autre Monde!


"Vin du Monde" is a monthly, hand-selected subscription of boutique wines picked out by John Aranza, our Sommelier here at Autre Monde.


Each month you will receive your choice of a six-bottle case including:


A ~6 White

B ~6 Red

C ~3 White/3 Red

(Choose one)


Each subscription box comes with a description of the wines & pairing suggestions from John. These are sometimes exclusives that John has sourced or vintage selections that have limited availability.


Wine pickups will be every 3rd Saturday of the Month after 5pm.

Recurring charges will be every 15th of the month.



(Price is subject to change to guarantee quality of future wine selections Members will always be given notice prior)

Wine Club -Event Dates Coming Soon!

Become an Insider!

Thank you for your interest!

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